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Become a Boris Partner

Are you an accountant, financial adviser, HR professional, payroll provider, or other professional?
Become a BORIS partner and give your clients an exclusive discount.

What does it mean to be a BORIS Partner?

We appreciate that the work involved in managing employees is often outsourced to external companies such as financial advisers, accountants, HR professionals and payroll providers. That’s why we created the BORIS Partner programme.
Registering a BORIS Partner will allow you to connect with your clients on BORIS and access their portals. You can use this to your advantage if you either want to be proactive and generate additional income, or simply wish to pass it on and strengthen your corporate relationship by providing a discount to a great service your clients will benefit from.


Revenue options

You have the option of charging your clients to set up their portal (normal market rates generally sit around the £1000 mark for a medium sized business). You can then, should you wish, pay us £250 to do the set up for you and pass it on to you for you to charge whatever you like. You can also charge clients for the ongoing monthly file uploads.


Credit without work options

If you don’t want to go down the revenue path, you can simply pass on your unique Partner code and sit back as your corporate relationships are strengthened by providing a great service with an ongoing discount linked to you. Should you require up-to-date employee information, you can simply access their portal and download bespoke reports.

How will this benefit me?

Zero cost to partners
Get your 3rd party discount code which you can then communicate to your clients.

Exclusive discounts
Win favour by offering your clients an exclusive discount.

Legal Requirements
Ensure you are delivering your legally required benefits (e.g. pension, eyecare).

Run your clients’ account
Help setup and run client schemes which can open up new revenue streams.