Benefits Communication

auto- enrolment

You can use ANY pension provider with your benefits portal. However we have a fully integrated auto-enrolment solution with Smart Pension.

What is auto-enrolment?

Auto-enrolment (AE) describes government legislation that came into effect in 2012 which states that every business must provide all UK employees with a qualifying pension and must pay into that pension. There are certain parameters that determine which employees need to be auto-enrolled, and how much employers must pay in.


Can I use your portal if I auto-enrol elsewhere?

There is no obligation to use Smart Pension with our portal. We are all about the communication of benefits, regardless of who provides these benefits! Our platform will fit in with any provider for your pension and other benefits.


• Free pension auto enrolment for employers
• The UK’s fastest one-stop solution for auto enrolment
• Your company could be compliant within minutes
• Fast, Secure, Free